Products and Solutions

Our product range provides solutions that can be used in various mining operations, these include the following areas;

  • Dust Control, Road Stabilisation and Land Rehabilitation
  • Lubrication, Greases, Corrosion and Rust Control
  • Mineral Handling
  • Water Treatment
  • Industrial solvents, degreasing and hygiene
  • Odour Control
  • Plumbing and drainage solutions

Dust Control, Road Stabilisation and Land Rehabilitation

PennzSuppress is a blend of unique, asphaltene-free resins that thrive under the stresses that shear other chemistries. PennzSuppress penetrates hard-packed roads to stabilize the driving surface, improving driving conditions while reducing dust, pot-holing, aggregate loss and conserving water in the process. It mixes easily “in-tank” for application with any water truck. It is formulated for use in and around sensitive habitats, making PennzSuppress an environmentally sound solution for dust control and soil retention.

As PennzSuppress is designed to build and bind fugitive dust upon itself, every application counts and the number of applications you will need decreases over time. The savings on water, road material and asset life, be they road or equipment are significant. PennzSuppress addresses dust control, soil retention, erosion control, and revegetation challenges.

Lubricants, Greases, Corrosion and Rust Control

Momar manufactures high-performance greases, and a complete range of synthetic and para-synthetic oils. The range includes rust and corrosion solutions, and dry and wet lubricants. These products provide superior, long-lasting performance, which have been developed to withstand extreme environments, temperatures and pressures conditions.

Our dry film lubricant is especially suited for atmospheres that are high in dirt or dust. Ideal for use on equipment, oil and ore drills, automotive parts, rail and road equipment, mining equipment, pipe construction, engines, motors, bearings, gears and chains.

Mineral Handling

We have extensive products and solutions for solving operational and environmental problems for minerals mining, processing, and transportation. Treatment programs include products to reduce exposure to harmful dusts, solutions to reduce spontaneous combustion and explosions, solutions for in-transit and release agents, product flow and stock pile sealants.

Water Treatment

Our range of specially formulated and manufactured water treatment products, effectively treats water used in boilers, cooling towers, closed recirculating systems, waste treatment systems, and other water processing equipment. Our products, service and programs ensure equipment protection, equipment efficiency, as well as to extend the life of equipment, reduce overall energy consumption, and to save water and discharge fees.

Industrial Solvents, Degreasing and Hygiene

Our range of solvents, detergents, degreasers are products that have been designed to be used in general engineering and maintenance workshops, including parts washing solutions and vehicle wash bays. Products for hygiene can be used in the office, bathroom, kitchen and general living areas.

Odour Control

Our products are designed for applications where high performance odour control is required. They act at the source of the smell, to eliminate the odour and not mask it. The products and solutions are environmentally sound, compatible with drainage systems including water treatment plants, grease traps, lift stations, septic tanks, pits and open waste areas.

Plumbing & Drainage Solutions

Products and solutions for all areas of plumbing that are aimed at clearing blockages, solutions to prevent future blockages and keeping drains free flowing, clear of any build-up (fats, oil, and grease) and free of smell. The products and solutions are environmentally sound, compatible with drainage systems including general drains, sewers, storm water, waste treatment plants, grease traps, lift stations and septic tanks.

Engineering and Project Execution

RAW Solutions offers a range of professional services from supply only to a complete turnkey solution including:

  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Services covering all equipment Engineering
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Ongoing local Maintenance and Support Services
  • Supply of Chemical Feed Systems depending on solution required


Our PennzSuppress solution is unique in that it is an environmentally friendly, easy to apply topical application that binds dust to form a non-slippery surface.


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